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   There is a praise of God that is on fire with the revelation of His word and Who He is. Our prayer is that you would catch the flame, which comes from that burning desire to know Him.  1st Chronicles 16:27 tells us that the fire of God’s glory is in His presence. His presence inhabits our praise. So in the midst of your heartfelt praise of God, is the fire of His glory. May you find the tools and inspiration here at “Praise On Fire” that will empower you to step into the fire!! God bless you!

“Rains of Glory ~ Believers Revival!” 

     In the book of Acts 1:1-4 we see the scripture’s description of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. There was fire and wind and supernatural manifestations of God. The Apostle, Peter stood and preached the gospel under a powerful anointing of the authority and conviction of God’s Spirit.  He declared that what had just happened was what had been prophesied by the prophet Joel.  The Book of Joel had foretold that there was coming a time, in the last days, where God would pour out His Spirit not just on Kings, Priests and Prophets (as in the Old Covenant), but on all of mankind, men and women alike! Joel likened this outpouring to the rains which God would send to Israel in the Autumn and Spring, the former and the latter rains. 

         As, Peter stood and proclaimed the prophecy of Joel and attributed the event to Joel’s reference of the last days. Peter, in effect, declared that the beginning of the last days began with that ourpouring! If that was the beginning of the last days, how much closer are we today, to the Day of the Lord? And so, this great flood of God’s fire and power that anointed EVERY Christain to move in the Gifts of the Spirit began God’s dream of masses of His people pouring out into the culture to do the works of Jesus and witness to the way of salvation.
        The book of Joel promised that these rains would result in a huge harvest, saying that “the threshing floors would be full of grain, and the vats would overflow with new wine and oil”!  It was always in the Father’s plan. In John 14 Jesus told His disciples that He would send the Holy Spirit. He told them the Holy Spirit wouls be in them. He told them the works that He did they would do and greater, because He was going to the Father. The coming of the rains of the Holy Spirit after Jesus was raised from the dead was the next step in God’s great plan.
          The Bible says the glory of God is in His presence. As the rains of the outpouring of His Spirit upon His church fills the earth, so does His glory! Jesus said out of your innermost being would flow rivers of living water. This He spoke of the Holy Spirit. So, in this hour, we are called into the last of the last days, to partake of the anointing of God’s glory flowing from us and in that anointing, we do the works of Jesus. In so doing, will God raise up His glorious church, a bride who has made herself ready for the seciond coming of her King! It is time for all obedience to Him, time for faith, time for His power, time for the coming together of the former and the latter rains in the first month! It is time for Rains of Glory and the Believers Revival!

Coming Soon!

        After almost two years meeting together in the “Glory Bible Study” in Amarillo, the Lord has released us to begin streaming LIVE on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm CDT. We experience extraordinary worship, filled with the presence and glory of God. And then, the teaching of the word of God, laying out His Kingdom plan for the glorious church and the whole earth to be filled with the glory of the Lord! The target to begin is soon after New Years 2022. More information to follow.

Praise On Fire Missions!

An Outreach of
  We’ve known it, by the Spirit, since early 2020 … we could sense the shifting, the re-aligning, the significance of a new decade. Soon it was even more clear. Old things were coming down and God was putting them away. New things …. new messages, new ministries, new voices were rising. The Prophetic Voice of God surged in a new boldness, declaring the divine will and purpose of God for the church and into the earth.
 Prophetic voices which had hidden themselves away in the shadows, quiet, alone with God, with their visions, burning, being forged in fire, began to emerge. Like the days of John the Baptist, “Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!”
  What does it all mean? That Jesus is at the very door. All things are beginning to align for His return. The Glorious Church is rising! It is time. It is time to understand the mystery of “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. He is gathering us; the hungry, the urgent. We meet … to search out the revelation of the glory of God in the scripture, to prepare, to understand. God is calling a select few who are willing to surrender all to Him. If it is you … join us each Thursday eveing in Amarillo, Texas at 210 SW 10th Ave at 7:00pm.
By Jacquie Kikwood
Let the Prophets speak!

Philippines Missions

Travelling has been challenging due to COVID, but our commitment to the Philippines remains. Our last Conferences there were amazing! Jacquie spoke in 22 services in 6 cities. She crisscrossed the nation proclaiming all that God is preparing for His final triumphant outpouring in the earth before Jesus comes! The Bride is making herself ready! Above is a short video of some powerful moments in the “Revealed Praise” Conference in Balite, Surigao. The Glorious Church is rising!!