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There is a praise of God that is on fire with the revelation of His word and Who He is. Our prayer is that you would catch the flame, which comes from that burning desire to know Him.  1st Chronicles 16:27 tells us that the fire of God’s glory is in His presence. His presence inhabits our praise. So in the midst of your heartfelt praise of God, is the fire of His glory. May you find the tools and inspiration here at “Praise On Fire” that will empower you to step into the fire!! God bless you!


The winds of a new season are blowing for Pastor Jacquie. Having been commissioned by the Lord with a fresh end time word of revelation of His Kingdom, she has returned, once again, to itinerant ministry.
It is almost beyond description to try and put into words the great things the Lord is preparing for His church in this last hour. All of God’s hopes and dreams for the impact of His kingdom upon the people of the earth are reaching their culmination of preparation and we have now entered into the greatest revival in history.
A revival completely different from any other, in that it will not flow from one or two great leaders, one location, one great church. But this time, our God is orchestrating a groundswell of anointing to arise from the grassroots of His church…rivers of the living water of the Holy Spirit flowing forth from the abundance of the hearts of EVERY believer in Christ. God is bringing forth a “BELIEVER’S REVIVAL”! His people are arising, filled with faith, the Holy Ghost and the fire of His glory, to wax strong and do great exploits! For the works that our Lord Jesus did and greater works than these shall we do….flowing in the glory of God, we are becoming the glorious church!
God is teaching His people how to flow in His power. He is showing us how to be used of Him to heal the sick, deliver the bound, share good news and hope from a heart of true compassion and godly love, that He may dispatch us out into the highways and byways, fully equipped to meet the needs of people!
He has been faithfully pouring insight into Pastor Jacquie and training her to cooperate with His plan, that she may be released to His people to proclaim, demonstrate and release this end-time anointing. She is one of many “Revivalists” being sent forth into this season. It is the church’s finest hour!
Prayerfully consider bringing her to your church to have this great commission poured out in your household of faith. Hallelujah!
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A Word for my “Warrior Friends”

Pastor Jacquie Kirkwood


Praise On Fire Missions!

An Outreach of
Thank you for helping us to proclaim the gospel around the world and across America. Our 2019 Missions focus is underway. Jacquie has just completed a full month in 6 cities in the nation of the Philippines! Conferences were held proclaiming the revelations of “Enthroning the King upon our Praise”,, the “Believers Revival” and the  “Glorious Church”. This is in keeping with her commitment to work to prepare the worldwide church for God’s final outpouring of His Glory through the Church before Jesus comes. There is a possible opportunity in the works for similar conferences in Ghana West Africa in September. Thank you for helping us to go.

Philippines – 2018

Our Conferences in the Philippines were amazing! Jacquie spoke in 22 services in 6 cities. She crisscrossed the nation proclaiming all that God is preparing for His final triumphant outpouring in the earth before Jesus comes! The Bride is making herself ready! Above is a short video of some powerful moments in the “Revealed Praise” Conference in Balite, Surigao. The Glorious Church is arising!!

Philippines – 2017

This is an edited video from an extremely powerful service held in March of 2017 in Davao City, Philippines. There was such a heavy presence of the Lord, that a holy hush fell across the sanctuary. The Philippines is entering into a great revival and I will be returning there in the Spring of 2020 to build upon what has been begun the last 2 years, holding “Revealed Praise”  and “Believers Revival” Conferences in multiple cities. Please pray about helping me to go. Send Judah first when revival is near!