Attention Connecticut!
The “Believer’s Revival” Anointing
is being released in you area!
     I am so excited to share with you about my upcoming meetings in the New Haven area in October. We are living in such a crtical and pivitol time in the advancement of God’s Kingdom! And, God is so faithful to pour out of His grace, His revealed word and anointing to equip us for His purpose. The Outpouring has already begun. You are hearing of it everywhere. And, the Lord has birthed a word in my heart that can release it unto you!
     I have known from that day over 30 year ago, when I experienced a great encounter with the Lord Jesus and He called me into ministry, that I was called to study His glory and would ultimately be a part of facilitating the glorious church. But, oh the wonder and the majesty of our God! In recent months, as He has linked together each season of my life and ministry in my understanding, He has produced a grace in me to perceive the tapestry of His plan as a whole and complete picture! I realize I have only understood His glory in small fragments of individual revelations, but now I see His end-game. I can see in His word what the glorious church has always been designed by Him to be. It has taken 30 years for Him to bring me to this place. But, it has all been for you. Now it can be poured out and bring forth a quick work for your life!
     I am so amazed, I cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work, stepping into this new season. For me and my long time supporters and partners, this will be a season of fulfillment and culmination. A season of empowerment and release to this new level. A season of manifestation and testimony to the greaatness of our God! For those who have walked with me for years, the revelation you have received has you powerfully positioned to step into His plan and this end-time anointing for His glory. For those of you new to the grace that God has given me for His purpose, there will be a quick work. He will catch you up to what He is doing in a short period of time! He is preparing an ENCOUNTER for you! 
     Thus, I must come to you in person, where we can avail ourselves of the corporate anointing and grace of God, and together reach to Him, in faith, for this empowerment for you. The revelation of God’s word produces what is revealed! The release of His Spirit brings it to birth! (Mark 16:20)
     Please make plans to be with me for these critically important meetings. The “Believer’s Revival” is coming to Connecticut!