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Fire  on  the  Northside!   March 29th, 2014


We are experiencing REVIVAL in Amarillo, TX! We have been seeing an amazing demonstration of God’s power in miraculous manifestations of healing signs and wonders at Friends & Family Worship Center! Many of these miracles have taken place at our Quarterly night of praise known as FIRE ON THE NORTHSIDE. Few churches in America worship the Lord with the intensity and fervency you will experience at Friends and Family Worship Center. It is passionate, “off the hook” and ALL for Jesus! You are invited to join us and witness Jesus manifest Himself through all of the Gifts of His Spirit!


The brethren of FFWC carry a commitment to a revelation and mandate from the Lord. We are called to prepare a habitation for the Him by enthroning Him upon our praise! (Ex. 15:2, Ps. 22:3) He inhabits and dwells in the midst of the praise of His people and when His presence comes, miracles are released out of His love for people. We’ve seen them time and time again. Cancer healed, back injuries, diabetes and more. People come for miles to worship with us and receive from God and our next scheduled service is YOUR NIGHT!


We cordially invite you to make plans to join us. Nursery is provided up to 5 years.


1111 N. Buchanan, Amarillo, TX Saturday evening, April 6th, 2013 at 7:00 PM