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Jacquie is eager to provide links to sermons and videos that will support you as you grow in your worship journey. You can browse the selections below for something in the ministry of the word which will speak to your heart.

Link to Videos on our youtube channel

Here is where you can watch episodes of our locally produced television program, “Manna For The World” Many include video footage of actual miracles which have taken place in our services.  Feel free to share the testimonies and these videos with your friends and family. Let God be glorified!

MyFFWC on YouTube (Click Here)


LIVE Radio Broadcast – Mondays at 5:30

Join us on the Kingdom Keys Radio Network every Monday evening at 5:30 pm for our LIVE  radio broadcast, where we exhort and encourage out of God’s word, share amazing testimonies of healing and the miraculous power of God, and take your calls, live, on-the-air. Many have been healed when they called! We would be thrilled and honored to pray for you! Call 1-806-359-8855 Ext 111

Click Here for the Kingdom Keys Website and more information about where to tune in your area or to access on-line.



Audio Sermon Archive