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   There is a praise of God that is on fire with the revelation of His word and Who He is. Our prayer is that you would catch the flame, which comes from that burning desire to know Him.  1st Chronicles 16:27 tells us that the fire of God’s glory is in His presence. His presence inhabits our praise. So in the midst of your heartfelt praise of God, is the fire of His glory. May you find the tools and inspiration here at “Praise On Fire” that will empower you to step into the fire!! God bless you!

September 2020:
Satan’s Fire Vs. God’s Fire

God will make Himself “clear and present”! 

     The date was September 19th, 2020. Christian Believers from multiple backgrounds and multiple churches across Amarillo, numbering over 250 with Flags, Banners and Faith, had just poured through the streets of our city and DECLARED that “Jesus Reigns over the Texas Panhandle!” Seating the King enthroned upon our praise (Ps. 22:3), we had forcefully convened the court of the Government of Heaven over our city and region and commanded demonic powers to come down! The glorious fire of God, in His manifest presence, as we praised Him, settled upon us. The government of our King had been established in the atmosphere. In His glory and power, pricipalities of darkness are subdued (Eph. 6:12). Their stronghold is damaged. This is part of the mandate of God upon Praise On Fire Missions. The victory was glorious!

But, this is not an imaginary, fantasy war. This is present day Kingdom reality.The devil is serious about his influence. And, we are even more serious that he will bow the knee to Jesus. This warfare will continue. And, my philosophy has always been, “When the devil hits you. Hit him BACK!”
Well, below is the video of satan’s response to our assault on his influence in the spiritual realm over the Texas Panhandle. Praise On Fire Missions hosts a weekly Bible Study where believers from all over join to study the Glory of God and His Glorious Church! The church is arising. The time to learn and prepare is now. The same night of our praise in the streets of Amarillo, the shopping center where our Bible Study meets caught fire and we incurred some significant losses. The video below will explain. We will rebuild and we need your help.
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Video of our Glory Bible Study Fire Damage


A Word for my “Warrior Friends”

Praise On Fire Missions!

An Outreach of

  We’ve known it since early January.  The year 2020 … we could sense the shifting, the re-aligning, the significance of a new decade. Soon it was even more clear. Old things were coming down and God was putting them away. New things …. new messages, new ministries, new voices were rising. The Prophetic Voice of God surged in a new boldness, declaring the divine will and purpose of God for the church and into the earth.
 Prophetic voices which had hidden themselves away in the shadows, quiet, alone with God, with their visions, burning, being forged in fire, began to emerge. Like the days of John the Baptist, “Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!”
  What does it all mean? That Jesus is at the very door. All things are beginning to align for His return. The Glorious Church is rising! It is time. It is time to understand the mystery of “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. He is gathering us; the hungry, the urgent. We are preparing to meet … to search it out in the scripture, to prepare, to understand. God is calling a select few. If it is you … plan to be with us.  It will be soon.
By Jacquie Kikwood
Let the Prophets speak!

Philippines – 2018

Our Conferences in the Philippines were amazing! Jacquie spoke in 22 services in 6 cities. She crisscrossed the nation proclaiming all that God is preparing for His final triumphant outpouring in the earth before Jesus comes! The Bride is making herself ready! Above is a short video of some powerful moments in the “Revealed Praise” Conference in Balite, Surigao. The Glorious Church is rising!!

Philippines – 2017

This is an edited video from an extremely powerful service held in March of 2017 in Davao City, Philippines. There was such a heavy presence of the Lord, that a holy hush fell across the sanctuary. The Philippines is entering into a great revival and I will be returning there in the Spring of 2020 to build upon what has been begun the last 3 years, holding “Revealed Praise”  and “Believers Revival” Conferences in multiple cities. Please pray about helping me to go. Send Judah first when revival is near!