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Partnership is a powerful thing in the Kingdom of God. In Philippians 4:15-20, the Apostle Paul writes with deep affection and appreciation for the Philippian Church, in that they had partnered with him in the furtherance of the gospel. The scripture also speaks of the gospel being the power of God, and that how will people believe if they never hear and how will they hear if God’s servant is never sent? When the Bible talks about God meeting our needs according to His riches in glory, it is in Philippians 4, in the context of partnering with the preaching of God’s word. We are living in dark times but also in glorious times when the glorious church is beginning to arise! Please pray about joining in the warfare with us to overcome darkness with light in the proclamation of the “GLORIOUS CHURCH”. Become a “Warrior Friend” with us today by committing to a monthly gift. We will stand with you, in prayer, for the needs of your life to be met according to His riches in GLORY! Thank you!
The Lord spoke a word of knowledge that someone in the service had a cancer. This dear woman had a tumor. After prayer, she checked herself and it had become much smaller. By the next evening it was smaller still and almost gone. Sometimes it is an instant miracle. Sometimes it is a healing. We praise God for all !! <3

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      Clicking the link will take you to our Electronic Contributions Platform.
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You make it possible to fund the Glory Bible Study, where we weekly disciple believers for the current revival and and to cooperate with God in the raising up of the glorious church. You support our Live Streaming expenses and equipment so that this critical revelation knowledge and prophetic utterance can be noised abroad via the Internet all around the world. You help us bless other ministries, especially those outside of the USA. Your support helps me to put the powerful revelations God has given me into book form and make them available on Amazon.  I am currently working on 2 new books I hope to have ready in 2023. Thank you for your seed sown to Praise On Fire Missions!

Called to the Nations



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     We are called to the nations! America is a blessed and prosperous country, with a rich history in missions. From our beginnings, we have shared the gospel, planted churches and discipled believers on foreign soil. It is the root of our blessing and God does not forget us. The dream of our Father to fulfill His purpose and desire to make His church glorious, is for a “world-wide” church. The nations must hear this message and be empowered to walk in it. Then, Jesus can return for a Bride who has made herself ready!
     Our last missionary journey of 2019 was for an entire month to multiple cities in the Philippines; Batangas and Calamba (suburbs of Manila),  Cebu, Balite and Lipata in Surigao, plus Davao City in the south. There were multiple meetings in each city. Pastor Jacquie spoke 22 times! So many were  impacted!
     Next, in the Fall of 2020 we held several Crusades in Takoradi, as well as in the Western Region of Ghana West Africa. We saw many saved and healed
     We have an upcoming trip to Kenya in early 2023. We truly need  your help to go. We have a chance to work with a ministry there in evangelistic outreaches and feeding the needy. Many souls can be won!        Please make your contribution today, as time grows short. Thank you so much!
Dear friends met me at the airport as I arrived in Surigao City. We are helping to plant a brand new church there!
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