With an emphasis on worship, Jacquie’s ministry and the mission of POFM has always been about the message and the music. And, Jacquie has a miracle testimony to share. Even though she had years and years of experience as a professional vocalist and worship leader, the challenges of day to day life, being a wife and mom, and the demands of ministry seemed always to get in the way of learning to play an instrument. That all changed in 2011 when the Spirit of God worked a miracle that left Jacquie with all of the music in her heart flooding into her hands in an afternoon. After “tinkering” off and on at the piano for a few months, (and never very well), in a matter of days, she miraculously began to play and actually led worship from the piano the following Sunday.


Almost immediately, melodies, which for years, had resonated in Jacquie’s head, gave way to chord progressions in her hands, and the Spirit of God began birthing new songs. The first was called “Fill My Heart” and speaks of our need to be filled with the love of God to walk victorious in these tumultuous times. Since then, as God has poured out His Spirit in the church, Cornerstone Worship Center, He has also given songs which herald the prophetic voice  of His Spirit for each season. In early 2012 the Holy Spirit spoke in a song called “Time For Rain” Other titles are “Breath of God”, “Fan The Flames”, “You Ignite My Soul” and “Rear View Mirror”. Most recently Jacquie composed “Warrior King”. She laughingly refers to her favorite being which ever one is the newest and is presently making preparation to share these songs with the body of Christ.  


A quick lesson on how to segue’ between songs in a worship list. Holy Life Tabernacle, Cebu Philippines.

From the time that Jacquie received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1982, God has worked in her a deep love of and devotion to His word. Overflowing from that experience with Him, the scripture began to be opened to her with profound insight. Through the years she has shared these beautiful nuggets of truth and rejoiced to see the same light of revelation arise on people’s faces that she experienced when God revealed His word to her. What joy!  As a Prophetic teacher, psalmist, Pastor, conference speaker and women’s minister, Jacquie is used of the Lord to minister with inspiration, compassion and humor and brings a real word of vision for God’s manifest presence to the church. You may contact her for ministry HERE.


Revealed Praise ManualJacquie has authored two books. “Revealed Praise” and “Worship In The Dirt” which are self-published and available from this website. “Revealed Praise” is a workbook/manual which speaks of the need for and value of engaging in our praise and worship of God  by a revelation of His word. It also lays out the administrative structure, from the scripture, for a New Testament worship ministry in the local church setting. Jacquie has long had a heart for missions and has responded to the Lord’s call, making several trips to Africa. Out of those worship experiences in the primitive and remote villages of Ghana, West Africa came a narrative on the 3rd world worship experience called “Worship In The Dirt”. Order your copy of these books HERE.


Additionally, Jacquie has written a number of blog articles also available on the POFM website HERE.


Jacquie has a long history and background in radio and television ministry. While living in Oklahoma City in the early years, she regularly hosted the local “Praise The Lord” program for Oklahoma City’s TBN affiliate, also providing music ministry as needed. For 12 years she program managed and broadcast one of the first ever praise and worship Internet Radio Stations on the web, the award winning Praise and Worship Stream known as “Praise On Fire Radio”.   In more recent years, she appeared on, directed and produced the local television program “Manna for The World” for her home church, Cornerstone Worship Center and presently hosts a weekly television broadcast of her “Glory Bible Study” out of Amarillo, Texas. This weekly deep dive into the revelation of scripture streams live on Facebook found here  POFM Facebook Page .
Using media to spread the gospel is a mandate upon Jacquie’s ministry and will continue to be actualized through Praise On Fire Missions and our church website at In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. Messages Jacquie has preached are uploaded to our websites in audio formats here. And you can find videos of Jacquie preaching at her home church, Cornerstone Worship Center on YouTube.
She also maintains a Praise On Fire Missions YouTube Channel, as well as an active POFM Facebook Page  for additional real-time  communication.