Revealed praise

Establishing a Levitical Ministry Foundation in the Local Church

By Pastor Jacquie Kirkwood


Revealed Praise ManualRaved about by both Pastors and Worship Leaders, this Eleven Lesson Worship Workbook opens a powerful door of insight for the worshipper and worship leader alike.  It begins with the premise that worship which flows out of us by a revelation of God’s word makes our praise into an exercise of faith that then contains the substance to bring the expression of God’s Kingdom from Heaven to Earth!  Psalm 22:3 in the New American Standard version of the Bible says, “Yet, Thou art holy, O Thou Who art enthroned upon the praises of Israel.”  Praise by revelation enthrones the King!

The book also lays out in detail the Biblical basis for how to raise up and apostolically establish the foundation of a New Testament worship ministry in the local church.

It is beautifully bound in white and gold in an easy to use fashion that lays flat while you’re working in it.  A must for every worshipper’s library!

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Demo-Clip of Revealed Praise Teaching: