The Glorious Church Arising

      Most of those who follow Praise On Fire Missions know that I have been saying for quite some time that the end-time revival has already begun and that it is a “Believer’s Revival”. The spiritual realm is all a-buzz with the activity and moving of the Holy Spirit. Where for years it felt as though we were sitting in a vehicle just idling, sitting still, waiting for the traffic light to change to green, now we are not only moving forward, but accelerating; picking up speed at a very rapid rate. It is a whosoever time and time to get on board!

     I have just recently returned from the Philippines, where in six different cities and multiple churches, I saw the outpouring of God’s presence and love in great conviction and power. It was so strong. People were hungry to get right with God, hungry to worship Him, hungry to know Him more deeply. Many were saved. Many were instantly and miraculously healed! Prophetic revelation of God’s intentions and purposes for His people flowed like a river, and was easy to understand. God’s grace was poured out.  It is God’s time for the Philippines. So much was accomplished and there is still so much to be done. The hearts of the people there are open wide and tender to God. He is beginning a great world-wide outpouring there….in those islands. Like little Bethlehem, it is one of the last places one would expect God to begin such a great work. But, it is the place, and it will spread throughout the entire world.

     The Lord spoke to my heart that He has called me to that nation (as well as continuing my work in Africa) and that I am to return and build upon what has been started. There continue to be more opportunities to speak in major cities across the Filipino Islands. There are television opportunities and my hope is that one day the Lord would open the door for me to meet and share with the President.

     Why do I believe that it is so critical for me to respond to God’s urging? I will try to give you a few of the foundational Biblical principles that are in play in this hour and season. If God has chosen for me to work in the Philippines, I must cooperate with Him.
1.  When we praise King Jesus, it prepares a dwelling place for Him in the atmosphere where we are, and a place for the execution of His will and dominion, because He is “enthroned” (Ps. 22:3) on our praise. Gen. 49:10 says that the scepter and ruler’s staff will NEVER depart from Judah (which means praise). God uses praise (because it “enthrones” Him) to establish the government of His dominion in the earth. That will never change. This concept must be released in revelation to fulfill God’s purpose in the earth. God’s people must learn how to prepare Him a habitation through praise to establish His dominion. This is best learned in the midst of demonstration. God has called me to that.
2.  We are told in 1st Chronicles 16:27 (KJV) that glory and honor are in the presence of the Lord. Where God’s presence has taken up residence or is dwelling, His glory will be resident and in manifestation.  2nd Corinthians 3:17 tells us that the Lord is the Spirit! Where ever the Holy Spirit is working and moving will be filled with the glory of God.
3.  Jesus said the works that He did, we would do. Mark 16 says, “These signs will follow them that ‘believe’. They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover!” Ephesians 4:12 tells us that Jesus gave the Five-fold ministry to the church to “equip the Saints for the work of the ministry“. It has always been the intention and purpose of the Father and the Lord Jesus for believers to be equipped to move in and manifest God’s Kingdom and power, through the Holy Spirit! Believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover! It is a “Believer’s Revival” and I am called to help in that equipping.
4.  Mark 16:20 tells us that “The Lord (who is the Spirit) worked with them (the believers), confirming His word with SIGNS following”. When the presence of God manifests, by His Spirit, and brings His word to pass, what you have seen is a release of the Glory of God! When the sick are healed, the bound delivered, the dead raised, the lost saved, the hungry fed, the broken encouraged, you have seen a release of the glory of God! Before Jesus called forth Lazarus out of the tomb, He said to his sisters, “I AM the resurrection and the life. Did I not tell you that if you would only believe, you would see the GLORY OF GOD!”
5.  As believers arise to God’s call in this season and move out to fulfill the Great Commission, we are going to walk in God’s purpose. As we obey him, moving in the power and glory of God, demonstrating the resurrection power of Jesus, the church will be filled with God’s glory and become the long prophesied “Glorious Church”. My very first commission from the Lord in 1985, when He appeared to me in prayer, was to “proclaim the administration of the mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory until we become the glorious church”. Arise and shine, Church. For your light has come and the glory of the Lord is arising upon you!” Isaiah 60. The time is now. A fire is being kindled. The end-time Believer’s Revival HAS BEGUN.

     It has been my intense passion since I first came out of secular music to serve the living God, that I should find my destiny in being a part of facilitating the rising up of the glorious church. It is now the season and the hour of God’s greatest move. It is what we have been waiting for. And, because it will be a ground-swell of every committed believer across the entire face of the globe, this revival will be unstoppable and completely unmanageable for the demonic realm. We are more in number than our enemy. We are greater in power. The Captain of the Host is our Commander. The government of heaven has ordained this and is backing us. The Spirit of God will lead us.  The grace of God will sustain us.  It is time. It is time.

     I cry out to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west for partners in this great mission!  I cry out for those whose hearts have been stirred by my Lord’s vision and want to participate with me and be a part.  I cannot do it alone. I am seeking Him about possibly returning to the Philippines in November. Perhaps God would call you to go with me. Perhaps He would call you to help me to go! Arise church! Arise! This is our time!

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  1. Immanuel Judah says:

    I am so blessed!
    I Thank the Lord Jesus for your life and ministry!

    • admin says:

      It has been many years since I have been to Nigeria. I worked with Tunde Chris Joda in Lagos. God bless your service to Christ!

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