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   There is a praise of God that is on fire with the revelation of His word and Who He is. Our prayer is that you would catch the flame, which comes from that burning desire to know Him.  1st Chronicles 16:27 tells us that the fire of God’s glory is in His presence. His presence inhabits our praise. So in the midst of your heartfelt praise of God, is the fire of His glory. May you find the tools and inspiration here at “Praise On Fire” that will empower you to step into the fire!! God bless you!


God will make Himself “clear and present”! 

     A New Year…. A New Decade…. A New Kingdom Cycle…. Everything in God’s Kingdom runs in cycles. The beginning of a new decade is the beginning a new cycle. Seed time and harvest is a picture of this. And, with every cycle of the seasons, there is growth and momentum. Trees grow taller, yield more fruit. Gardens gain stature as roots go deeper. As God’s people, we can expect and hope for much from this truth. When God led Joshua over the river Jordan into the promised land, He told the children of Israel, follow the Ark of God’s Presence, for you have not been this way before. (Joshua 3:2-4)
     I am convinced I have heard the Holy Spirit say that this year God is going to make Himself ever more CLEAR and PRESENT! God is going to continue to increase what we have already been seeing in recent years….the manifestation of His loving power and the revelation of Himself! In Exodus at one point, Moses said to the Lord, “If Your Presence does not go with us, then do not send us forth!” God is raising up the glorious church in this hour, filled with His presence and power! The gospel is alive and love never fails! There is a Renaissance underway and a canopy of grace, light and blessing is over us. It is time to work, while it is light!
     Another thing God said to His people before they crossed over, by way of preparing them, was that He pronounced blessing over them, of their bread and their water (that will preach), and He promised them they would be fruitful and that He would deliver them from sickness. He promised He would send His terror before them and throw confusion into the midst of the people into which they came; that He would cause their enemies to turn their backs to them and be driven out of the land before them. (Exodus 23:25-30)
     But, then He said this very KEY thing. “I will not drive them out before you in a single year, that the land may not become desolate, and the beasts of the field become too numerous for you. I will drive them out before you little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land.” This is a picture of the COMNG DECADE. Not just the coming year, but the coming decade! 2020 is the beginning of a clearly seen and present God, Who in His people, will wax strong and through them do great exploits! God will show Himself to the world through His people!
     Now is the time to determine to have a heart of faith and a heart of obedience, to love righteousness and cherish God’s Kingdom, to aknowledge and live like the kings and priests that we are and represent Him well. He is with us in power! When we speak, He is ready to move! With Him, nothing is impossible! Now is our time! And, with every passing year, the dominion of His kingdom will take more ground. Satan will lose his hold over multitudes of souls. The churches of the Lord will become “pavilions of healing”, full of God’s healing power. The light of the gospel will shine forth to bring the prodigals home and His church will be filled with the love and glory of His presence.
     To partake of all of the spectacular goodness that God has prepared for us, it is time to arise and take the long view. Prepare our hearts with fortitude and endurance to fully run the race. To no more look at our weakness, but to fix our eyes on His greatness, which will carry us by His grace. I know not if the race will be finished by the end of the decade. But, I do know it is the will of God for the decade to be filled with the explosive power of His Spirit-filled church! And, I know that the end of the race will bring the coming of our Lord and King. Therefore, as we say in Texas, “It’s time to cowboy up and ride!”
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A Word for my “Warrior Friends”

Pastor Jacquie Kirkwood


Praise On Fire Missions!

An Outreach of
Thank you for helping us to proclaim the gospel around the world and across America. Our 2020 Missions focus is underway.
Jacquie will once again pursue her mandate to the Philippines. In 2019 she completed a full month in 6 cities there. Conferences were held proclaiming the revelations of “Enthroning the King upon our Praise”,, the “Believers Revival” and the  “Glorious Church”. This was in keeping with her commitment to work to prepare the worldwide church for God’s final outpouring of His Glory through the Church, before Jesus comes.
She also joined her husband on a team to Ghana, West Africa in September 2019, where she ministered in multiple churches. Thousands were saved and healed and preparations are underway for a mission to Africa, once again, in September 2020.
There are also conferences, worship leading, Revealed Praise classes, personal mentoring and more, that go on in between. Thank you for helping us to expand the Kingdom!

Philippines – 2018

Our Conferences in the Philippines were amazing! Jacquie spoke in 22 services in 6 cities. She crisscrossed the nation proclaiming all that God is preparing for His final triumphant outpouring in the earth before Jesus comes! The Bride is making herself ready! Above is a short video of some powerful moments in the “Revealed Praise” Conference in Balite, Surigao. The Glorious Church is rising!!

Philippines – 2017

This is an edited video from an extremely powerful service held in March of 2017 in Davao City, Philippines. There was such a heavy presence of the Lord, that a holy hush fell across the sanctuary. The Philippines is entering into a great revival and I will be returning there in the Spring of 2020 to build upon what has been begun the last 3 years, holding “Revealed Praise”  and “Believers Revival” Conferences in multiple cities. Please pray about helping me to go. Send Judah first when revival is near!