Mission & Vision

     The Bible says to “Write the vision and make it plain, that the one who reads it may RUN! The Lord has shown me that there are many of you, my friends, out there feeling a tugging in your heart to RUN with His vision. And, the Lord has told me to share with you, in brief, the mandate He has placed upon me for this New End-Time Season. Over the coming days, I will continue to share several facets of this mandate and the revelation He has birthed in my heart to undergird it. He has given me some keys to equip the body of Christ to move in His glory and miraculous power and to be made ready for the “Believer’s Revival”. I pray you will take hold together with me in this assignment, beginning with becoming my prayer partner. For in prayer the will of God is spoken forth, preparing for the manifestation of it to the benefit of all. Amen.
     The mission of Praise On Fire has always been about the FIRE of God’s presence and gathering believers into His manifest presence through worshipping Him. It has been about His glory and the call on us to become the glorious church. The vision has been to bring to light what is the administration of the mystery of Christ in us, the hope of glory. As we enthrone Him on our praise, and step into the fire of His glory, our heartfelt desire is that we all should be transformed by it, from glory to glory and thus become the glorious church.
     Now, in this NEW season, God is building upon that foundation and pouring out fresh revelation to equip us for His End-Time revival. A revival unlike any other we have seen in the history of the church! A groundswell of His people pouring out into the highways and byways to BE the church! This is a “Believer’s Revival”! He is bringing to life the mandate upon the church, not only to go into all the world, but to go in End-Time power and anointing. He said, “And, these ‘SIGNS’ shall follow them that ‘BELIEVE’!!” It has already begun and it is a “Whosoever” time! Whosoever will embrace this season in faith, will be met by the Spirit of God, ready to equip you with His faith, anointing and revelation, that you may be empowered by Him to be a part. In this hour signs will follow EVERY believer! Be encouraged! No one who desires to be used of God will be left out!
     Praise On Fire has become “Praise On Fire Missions” and an outreach arm of Cornerstone Ministries in Amarillo, Texas. I am pursuing my mandate to noise abroad all that God desires and intends for this hour. I am also training and equiping believers to walk in it. The manifestation of this revival began in our own church in Amarillo over 8 years ago, led by my husband, Pastor Joe Kirkwood. Pastor Joe has long been used of God to move in His miraculous power, but as the new season began, God poured out grace and instruction to raise up believers, sitting in the congregation, to be used of Him to heal the sick and move in the miraculous.
     We have now been commanded to noise it abroad and equip the Saints to move in His glory. Therein, as He pours out His glory and power through His church, she will indeed be filled with His glory and become the long prophesied “Glorious Church”! Hallelujah!
     As, I said…there are so many beautiful facets and revelations pouring out of this mandate. Jesus told His disciples that the words He was speaking to them was that His joy might be in them and that their joy would be made full. My cup has run over with joy and thanksgiving in all that Jesus has been speaking to me and I so look forward to sharing it all with you in the days ahead.
God bless! Pastor Jacquie

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